What is a Project?

Using UpTrain Dashboard you can manage all your projects.

There are 2 types of projects we support:

  • Evaluations: Run evaluations on your queries, documents and LLM responses
  • Prompts: Find the best way to ask questions to your LLM using prompt iteration, experimentation and evaluations

How does it work?


Create a new Project

Click on Create New Project from Home


Enter Project Information

  • Project name: Create a name for your project
  • Dataset name: Create a name for your dataset
  • Project Type: Select a project type between Evaluations and Prompts
  • Choose File: Upload your Dataset Sample Dataset:
    {"question":"", "response":"", "context":""}
    {"question":"", "response":"", "context":""}
  • Evaluation LLM: Select an LLM to run evaluations

Now that you have created a project, you can run evaluations or experiment with prompts

UpTrain Dashboard is currently in Beta version. We would love your feedback to improve it.