What are Prompts?

You can manage your prompt iterations and experiment with them using UpTrain on 20+ pre-configured evaluation metrics like:

  1. Context Relevance: Evaluates how relevant the retrieved context is to the question specified.

  2. Factual Accuracy: Evaluates whether the response generated is factually correct and grounded by the provided context.

  3. Response Completeness: Evaluates whether the response has answered all the aspects of the question specified

You can look at the complete list of UpTrain’s supported metrics here

How does it work?


Create a new Project

Click on Create New Project from Home


Enter Project Information

  • Project name: Create a name for your project
  • Dataset name: Create a name for your dataset
  • Project Type: Select project type: Prompts
  • Choose File: Upload your Dataset Sample Dataset:
  • Evaluation LLM: Select an LLM to run evaluations

Enter your Prompt


Select Evaluations to Run


View Prompts

You can see all the evaluations ran on your prompts using UpTrain

UpTrain Dashboard is currently in Beta version. We would love your feedback to improve it.